Sunday, January 12, 2014


Hi everyone…
Since this is my first post, I just want to share my plan to this blog.

Well actually until now I haven’t decided the name of this blog and make sure myself to use my actual name as the address yet. I don’t want to burden so much to find a nice, ear-catching, and easy-to-remember name as the address and title for this blog because I really know how it feels like. I can get a period of very mild depression if I thinking so much. Kidding. 

I will post my beauty journal here. I didn’t mean that I am beautiful or I am a beautician, I just want to share my experience of using beauty product or method, random tips and knowledge about skin, and also about my journey in finding perfect skin care.

I hope this blog will run easily as the way I want and can help you out. Or might be you can share and suggest me in facing my complexities or correct me if I’m wrong.

Love your skin..

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