Sunday, January 12, 2014


First of all, I am neither a dermatologist nor a trained person in beauty care center, so the information and statement in this blog should not be considered as a medical advice which can replace consultation to a dermatologist or qualified professional. Everything stated here are more of my opinion, experience, and exploration throughout the Google Sea or other sources.

Remember that everyone’s skin is unique, so a product or method that works wonder for me might not work the same for someone else. That is why the outcome that may follow if you decide to use my blog’s information as reference to your skin, are solely your responsibility, not mine. But I deeply hope that my blog’s posts will actually help someone out there.

Last but not least, I am not affiliate with any of the products mentioned in this blog. But if someday I get sponsored with product, I will certainly tag the post as “sponsored”.

I hope that I can help and share with people who read my blog.

Love your skin…


Hi everyone…
Since this is my first post, I just want to share my plan to this blog.

Well actually until now I haven’t decided the name of this blog and make sure myself to use my actual name as the address yet. I don’t want to burden so much to find a nice, ear-catching, and easy-to-remember name as the address and title for this blog because I really know how it feels like. I can get a period of very mild depression if I thinking so much. Kidding. 

I will post my beauty journal here. I didn’t mean that I am beautiful or I am a beautician, I just want to share my experience of using beauty product or method, random tips and knowledge about skin, and also about my journey in finding perfect skin care.

I hope this blog will run easily as the way I want and can help you out. Or might be you can share and suggest me in facing my complexities or correct me if I’m wrong.

Love your skin..